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Care KitBald Girls Do Lunch is rapidly gaining momentum nationwide to stop hair loss shame. We're the only non-profit specifically created for women with alopecia areata - the autoimmune skin disease which interrupts the normal growth of hair on the scalp, lashes and body.

Our goals:

  • Updates, coaching and building resilience for all women living well with alopecia areata
  • We educate others about the disease
  • How to live a healthy, balanced life with this diagnosis.

Our programs for Alopecia Care Kits(tm) are targeted for the most vulnerable among us at the time of new diagnosis.

There are no cures for alopecia areata. That's why BGDL helps women and girls from coast to coast cope effectively today.

Getting involved with BGDL has never been easier. There are plenty of ways to support women all across the country dealing with alopecia areata


Fundraise and Become an Alopecia Ambassador:

Click the Start Fundraising button to create your personal fundraising page for BGDL. Whether you're going through alopecia areata yourself, you know someone who is or you would simply like to support a cause, this is a great opportunity to reach out to your network and begin raising funds right away.

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By pledging to give a monthly gift of any amount, you're allowing us to expand our reach and help more women through the gift of sustainable funding. 

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Any gift helps, please consider making a contribution of whatever you can afford.

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