Bald is Beautiful in Buffalo!

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J.P.s Pub map 1986 Lakeview Rd Lakeview, NY 14085
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Until 2012, Katrina was a young girl with pretty blonde hair. But then, things changed.

Right before third grade, Katrina’s mom found a bare and bald spot on the top of her daughter's head instead of her usual blonde hair.

Within just six weeks all of her hair had fallen out!

  • Katrina endured steroid injections to her scalp at Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, New York for the next three years. Her diagnosis is alopecia areata (universalis) meaning the total loss of hair on her scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes.
  • Although the treatments have not been successful, Katrina has never given up hope that her hair may one day return. She prides herself on the “Eighteen Shots!” she took in her head in one sitting. 
  • She enjoys educating her peers on what having alopecia universalis means to her. In the four-and-a-half years since Katrina was first diagnosed, she has yet to meet other individuals with the same condition and is ecstatic to have the opportunity to do so with the help of the Bald Girls Do Lunch organization.
  • Katrina would love to meet new people to create a local network of support in her region of New York state. Her friends and family have learned through Katrina that we do not look for sympathy; we look for support!

Please help our family bring Bald Girls Do Lunch to Buffalo, New York so that Katrina and other individuals with alopecia can build a network of support across the Western New York region!

~ Katrina's Family ~


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